UEINZZ MIX #2 (O Tarado de Copacabana)
Exhibition view “Lugares do Delírio” (places of delirium)
MAR – Rio de Janeiro, 2017

Ueinzz Mix #1 / #2

"Ueinzz Mix#1 " (2015)
Exhibition view ‘Arte Atual Festival’, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo

The work is made with collages, posters and drawings made from images of rehearsals Hans performances of Ueinzz Theatre Group between 2013-2015.
Those fragments were born in a context of collective creation. They have various sizes and formats. They are schizo objects: sometimes they’re artworks, sometimes they’re theater props or costumes.

The installation of the work was made with the Group, in a non-public performance that resulted the resulted in this setup