The video is an homage to Alexandre Bernardes, member of Ueinzz Theatre Group, who passed away in 2016. Alexandre is one of the founders of our group, back when we still worked in a institution context inside the mental health system in Sao Paulo. He was an absurd men, always “on stage”. He used to write intense texts, which he called “Manifestos”. Days after his death we gathered at his favorite place, Praça da Sé, in downtown Sao Paulo. It’s always crowded with all sorts os people, passing, preaching, asking, stealing, performing. That day, in a non announced performance, we would read out loud some of his “Menifestos”. Some passers felt connected to the texts and asked to read them too. Sebastião was one of them, and he allowed me to record him as he gave voice to Alexandre’s text “the moral of my story”. 

Around that time, the new mayor of Sao Paulo was elected. He’d said that he would make his best to see that every citizen could afford a Ralph Lauren sweater. In the first months of his administration, he organized violent actions in the drug market of Cracolândia, in which addicts, homeless, and all kinds of marginals were treated as criminals.

In a daydream, Alexandre would return from the dead and take over the body of the mayor, and he would have him say one of his Manifestos. The words of a monster (“I am the offense baby”) that could never inhabit such a puffy mouth. I connected this Chroma key green painted props I was working with as metaphor for possession and ever changing identities. In addition, I used footage from Ueinzz rehearsals, performances and travels from 2012 to 2017. 

The structure of precarious assemblages in a certain way recodes the structure of Ueinzz Performances to video format. Murmuring and whispering of sounds also try to create an ambience of weak signs, sometimes close to an a-signical experience. 

The title refers to chroma key effect, to the architectonic utopias in the 60’s and to a famous historical notion about the origins of romanticism as a strategy for deal with very conservative times…

Archichroma (Video)

Project made in 2017 at SESC Trienal Exhibition “Frestas”, Sorocaba, Brazil.

HD video. “New Romanticisms for sombre times” / an homage to Alexandre Bernardes, actor of Ueinzz Theatre Group (1971 – 2016). Includes footage from Ueinzz Group between 2012 and 2017.