Project made in 2017 at SESC Trienal Exhibition “Frestas”, Sorocaba, Brazil. Chroma Key painted figures, silver painted clay, HD animation.

The work consists on an installation and a video piece occupying the open theatre of SESC Sorocaba. The figures are painted with green chroma key paint, and their body then became the matrix for partis of the video. As an exception, some parts were painted with aluminum paint, mimicking the metallic infrastructure of some os the green props.

The video “Archihcroma: New Romanticisms for sombre times” (HD animation, 15”) is an homage to Alexandre Bernardes, actor of Ueinzz Theatre Group (1971 – 2016). It was made with footage from Ueinzz Group rehearsals performances and diaries recorded between 2012 and 2017.