Full name

Pedro França



I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1984. Between school and college I’ve worked in a Lan House, a museum, an Ice cream shop. Until 2010 I was an art theory/history teacher and aspiring young curator. Moved to Sao Paulo in 2011. Traumatic experience as assistant curator at Sao Paulo Biennial. Retired from being young curator. Began working as an artist in 2011. My previous theoretical and curatorial background still inform my practice. I’ve been working with UEINZZ Theatre group since 2011. It’s a bunch of crazy people (really). I’ve made settings, videos and booklets for the plays. Also played a dog, an assassin, a dancing robot, a different dog, and astronaut and the assistant to a fortune teller. Made many videos with / about actors of the group. When my best friend there died I made a requiem. I’ve been nominated for some prizes that never payed rent. I've been exhibiting a lot, though. Worked as meme maker and video editor in a f* bunker for 2 months during the last presidential election in Brazil trying to defeat the fascists. Lost that.

I got into AR / VR after the burning of Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro (made research there for 6 months in 2005). I’ve been wondering about crossovers between actual and virtual world, augmented and reduced reality, using the museum as a model. And now I wanna make virtual environment installations with animated characters.